Our Projects

Assessment Work Group

The NELPRO Assessment Work Group provides several resources for leaders and implementation teams who are making decisions about selecting and using measures of student social and emotional learning (SEL).

Goal: Reach 2,000,000 Students by 2023 | $50.000

Community Program Reviews

NELPRO evaluates and identifies widely accessed SEL programs in the field to promote high-quality, evidence-based curriculum and lessons. The adoption of evidence-based programs is key to providing consistent, high-quality SEL opportunities for all students.

Goal: Have 200 Volunteers Signed up Across Nigeria | $150.000

Collaborating Communities Initiative (CCI)

Helping teachers create engaging, respected, and empowered classrooms where students succeed academically. The result? Academic achievement, graduation rates, and attendance are up. Suspensions and disciplinary incidents are down.

Goal: Raise 100,000 Industry Ready Graduates every school year | $500.000