About Us


Nigerian Emotional, Employability, Leadership Learning Project (NELPRO) is a trusted source for knowledge about exceptional, evidence-based social and emotional learning (SEL). NELPRO supports Nigerian educators, parents and policy leaders and enhances the experiences and outcomes for pupils and students.

The Vision

Raise community education-serving groups as centres of safe, caring and supportive activity where educators are empathetic, resilient, culturally aware and responsive, civically engaged and where young people develop the skills to solve problems, manage emotions and form positive relationships with others.

Our Mission

Help Nigeria succeed by making evidence-based social and emotional learning (SEL), and its practices in all schools and communities in Nigeria an integral part of education from preschool through high school.

NELPRO has raised over


thousand students

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teen ambassadors so far

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volunteers in Africa

What We Do

Project RAISEAware Students

Borne out of the need to give children support to develop, by modelling cooperation, empathy, and mutual respect in the classroom, we prepare them to be leaders and change-makers in their communities.

Through education, we can advance our shared mission of transforming our culture of domination and exploitation into one of collaboration and partnership.

Prohibiting Children from Violence and Abuse

We’re devoted to keeping children safe from violence and abuse. Far too many children have experienced trauma that may cause them to act out, withdraw, or have difficulty paying attention—impeding their ability to learn and thrive.

By training teachers, parents, and other adults to recognise, respond to, and report child abuse and violence as well as teaching children to recognise and report abuse when it occurs, we can make a difference in the lives of children.

Bullying Prevention

Dedicated to promoting the safety, well-being, and success of children in school and in life. Empower kids and the adults around them with information and resources to help understand what bullying is, who is affected by it, and community can do to prevent it.

Research shows that feeling unsafe at school affects a student’s ability to learn, focus, and take academic risks. With safety and student success on the line, we’ve been consistent and unwavering in our work to prevent bullying. Our Bullying Prevention Unit is taught in conjunction with our SEL curriculum in classrooms across the country.

Promoting SEL Skills

We’re committed to developing and supporting the use of research-based social-emotional learning (SEL) curricula in and out of school. SEL creates a positive school climate that supports learning and academic success while narrowing the achievement gap.

Contributing to greater well-being, social-emotional skills help prevent youth violence, bullying, and substance abuse.

Volunteer Leads

Damilola Joshua

I strive towards Self Development and an activist for the Girl Child Health and Education.

Cyprian Ortese

Volunteer/Changemaker/Law Graduate/AIESECer.

Justina Itodo

Chikezie Harris Chibuike

Real power resides in a smile, loving hand, kind gesture, or a wink. Simply, it's living with grace.

Chidi Njoku

Psychologist and Filmaker

Rufus Chinenye Precious

Welfare and Human Resources Officer

Mary-Helen Nnadi

Independent John Maxwell certified Trainer, Coach & Speaker

Enobong Peters

Management Consultant| Executive Assistant | Human Resource Lead| Lead Trainer| Content Curator.

Mmanti Umoh

Kingmaker. Raising Community Stakeholders for Social Good.